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Acerca de

The Story of 


It’s late.  Late late.  Streetlights have been burning for hours, and even clubbers and night owls are thinking about bed.


But not Asterous.  


The night is our time.  Tonight and every night we answer the sacred call to wield our musical weapons, to listen, play, sing, and compose.  


Crawling from the depths of (in)sanity, Asterous is a Vancouver based dynamic duo creating songs which blur the lines of good versus evil, growth versus destruction, and emotion versus apathy. 

Bear witness to our music’s revelations.  Astonishing.  Heartbreaking.  Profound.


Feeling and sharing the ‘Aster’ amidst the disaster.  We are heroes and villains alike. 


Any wisdom present is hard-won, born of disappointment and disenchantment, but a wisdom we can impart to spare others, like, never meet your Heroes or to Murder The Machine by rejecting mass conformity and genre-specific norms.  


We dare to stand At The Edge and speak our truth with an uncomfortable honesty.  Join us. 


The destructor.

Puppet Master. 

Expert String Manipulator.



Queen of the Keys.

Auditory Articulator.

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